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Deviant for 12 Years
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Florgenhienmer Von Dinglehoff
United States
Current Residence: friggin' hell
Favourite photographer: personally i don't consider photography as art. just not interested.
Favourite style of art: original
+ = Yes
- = No
/ = Iffy/Sometimes

Anal on Males (-)
Anal on Females (-)
Breasts (+)
Breast Expansion (-)
Weight Gain (-)
Bondage (+) only if i'm handcuffed. i like that.
Clothing (+) (depends on what kind of clothes)
Leather (+)
Stockings (-)
Shoe/Boots (-)
Suit and Tie (+)
Muscle, Male (/) not like the governator
Muscle, Female (-)
Herm (/)
Cub/Shota (-) oh hell naw
Baby/Diaper (-) hell to the no
Transformation (-)
Macro/Micro (-)
Impregnation (-)
Pregnancy (-)
Lactation (-)
Anal Vore (-)
Soul Vore (-)
Cock Vore (-)
Standard Soft Vore (-)
Standard Hard Vore (-)
Paw/Foot (-)
Incest (/) TWINCEST=WINSCEST; and i'm a TWICCUP fan. i'll admit it. that rocks
Clonecest (-)
Yuri (F/F) (/)
Yaoi (M/M) (/)
Hetero (M/F) (/)
Bi (+)
Girly Boys (-)
Butch Girls (-)
Mind Control (-)
Pet Play (/) depends... i have authority issues. i've been called a hippie for it.
Rape (-)
Uniform (+) I blame HANS LANDA for this one. i just like the way his uniform looks in the opening. the black ones are cool.
Orgy (-)
Subbing/Domming (/) i'm the dom but i wouldn't mind being forced into submission
Biting (+) OM NOM NOM
Solo Masturbation; Male (/) if it's done right
Solo Masturbation; Female (/) again...
Scat (-)
Inflation (-)
Fat/Pudge (/) if it's cute, then yes
Tech (/)
Watersports (-)
Glasses (+)
Tentacles (+)
Oviposition (-)
Masochism (+)
Sadism (+) i'm the sadist. >D
Partial Nudity (+)
Gore (-)
Snuff (-)
Hyper (+)
Zoophilia/Bestiality (-)
Electricity (-)
She-males (/) get two for the price of one??
Cross-dressing (+)
Oral (+)
Asphyxiation (+) i like to breath, but to my partner...
Wet-look (+)
Mud/Quicksand etc (-)
Sinking (-)
Spooge (-)
Tickling (/)

dirty dirty dirty...  I TAG ALL OF YOU.
  • Listening to: silence
  • Reading: Temaraire book 1
  • Drinking: beer

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